Every trekker’s dream trip in the heart of the Himalaya.


In partnership with the Portland-based Mazamas hiking and climbing club: Journey with us to a place that will be physically, emotionally, and mentally compelling — from jungle to Tibetan plateau.

This will be a 19 day trip, fully supported by local guides and porters. It includes 13 days of trekking in the Annapurna Sanctuary, the very heart of the amazing Annapurna Massif, home to more than 30 individual peaks, some over 26,000’ in elevation.

We will  visit numerous Garung villages along the way and stay overnight at two of the massif’s many climbing base camps, including Machhapuchhre (summit elevation 22,943’) at 12,139’ and Annapurna South (summit elevation 23,684’) at 13,550’.

The remaining days will be available to explore on our own in exotic and chaotic Kathmandu and the charming, lakeside city of Pokhara, the two largest population centers in Nepal.

The trip will be led by Jim Ronning, a member of Mazamas and an experienced Embark trip leader.

Package includes: 2 sets of Leki Trekking poles. 12-pack of Trail Butter.

Cost is $2995.


No Nepal trekking adventure can happen without porters, and Embark always works with the best. Here is our crew of porters after the Annapurna Circuit Trek.





Over in the Embark Photo Gallery,we have just added some amazing new photos from our Jordan – Trekking to Petra trip, such as the one above. As you’ll see, it’s a beautiful and varied adventure, with canyon walks, camel rides, a visit to the Dead Sea, and of course the amazing ancient city of Petra — which you get to reach by foot!

Here’s the link to the whole gallery, which we think you’ll love.



Namibia is home to the world's tallest sand dunes. Namibia is home to the world’s tallest sand dunes.

At Embark, we are all excited about Namibia right now. We’ve already set up a hiking in Namibia trip, but safaris are dear to our heart, as well. And Namibia safaris are some of the most varied and wonderful we know about.

As the description of our new Ultimate Namibia Safari says …

Imagine camping in one of the world’s largest national parks. Sea kayaking with seals and dolphins. Climbing some of the world’s highest free-standing sand dunes. Sleeping in the treetops of a private game reserve. Is it really possible that all of these things exist anywhere near each other?

And the answer is, yes! Find out more about it on our Ultimate Namibia Safari page.


Magical Namibia is an varied, little-known hiking paradise. Magical Namibia is a varied, little-known hiking paradise.

If you’ve ever given much thought to the nation of Namibia — and honestly, many people haven’t — you probably thought even less of hiking in Namibia.

After all, when we think of Africa we think of wildlife and deserts and canyons and wild ocean shores and ancient history. But Namibia has all of that, and to truly experience Namibia, one must walk its desert wilderness, sleep under its sky, pause at its ancient sights, and find peace in its nature.

That’s why we are so excited to offer the new Hiking Namibia trip. From the Kalahari desert to the world’s second-biggest canyon, from a coastal game reserve to an ecolodge among the world’s tallest sand dunes — this is hiking in Namibia, an adventure paradise waiting to be discovered.

For more information, just head over to the Hiking Namibia trip page now!

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Embark is partnering with Portland Community College to lead a trip to Nepal and Bhutan, a trip led by our own adventurer, Jim Ronning. Jim has been sending some photos back to us, and we thought we would share some.






image image image image



Embark Adventures Can Help You Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro Embark + Mazamas + Awesome Porters = Another Successful Climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro.


Despite running into some February snow on the mountain, an Embark group of 11 people all managed to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho Route and Western Breach, our preferred route.

The trip was put together in conjunction with the Mazamas, a Portland, Oregon-based hiking and mountaineering club. Greg Willmarth was the Mazamas organizer.

The above photo was taken at Millennium Camp during the descent of Kilimanjaro. That’s the entire support team, the porters and our team of climbers, who are Greg Willmarth, Allison Greene, Eric Bruckbauer, Stephanie Bruckbauer, Eileen Kiely, Doug Willmarth, Kyle Kruger, Gordy Rubard, Gary “Quin” Ellis, Mike Newsham, and Amad Doratotaj.

Congratulations to all, and thanks for a fantastic trip!



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